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How to potty train your monster

Presents guidelines and tips for toilet training monsters, including getting a large potty chair, instructing them to wash their paws, and making frequent trips to the bathroom. - (Baker & Taylor)

The hilarious text and playful illustrations of this potty training guide make sure that readers do not forget any of the steps to potty training their monster. By the author of Grace for President. - (Baker & Taylor)

Congratulations! Your monster is growing up…

…and up,

…and UP!

Now it’s time to potty train him!

Potty training is not always the easiest task to navigate?especially for growing monsters. Thankfully, with the help of this easy-to-use guide, young ones can be sure not to forget any steps in the process. With hilarious text and playful, energetic illustrations this potty training guide is a must-have for little kids and little monsters everywhere.

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