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Potty Time!

Simple text and illustrations of a child with a teddy bear using the potty introduce toilet training. - (Baker & Taylor)

The endearing toddlers from the best-selling Good Night, I Love You tackle the steps of becoming potty trained in a colorful primer that is complemented by a sound chip featuring a familiar potty flush. - (Baker & Taylor)

Simple text and illustrations of a child with a teddy bear using the potty introduce toilet training. On board pages. - (Baker & Taylor)

A new potty book with sound from bestselling illustrator Caroline Jayne Church!

Caroline Jayne Church and her lovable illustrations have loved children through and through, shown what fun the holidays can be, and how music can bring us closer together. Now her irresistible toddlers shine in this new preschool title focusing on the 1-2-3's of potty training!

Complete with a sound module of that familiar potty flush, Potty Time! is Caroline Jayne Church's entry into a proven timeless topic.
- (Scholastic)

Author Biography

Caroline Jayne Church is a bestselling author and illustrator. Some of her bestselling titles include I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak, HOW DO I LOVE YOU? by Marion Dane Bauer, YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE by Jimmie Davis, and GOOD NIGHT, I LOVE YOU. She lives in Surrey, England, but you can visit her at
- (Scholastic)

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Kirkus Reviews

A toddler shares his glee at leaving diapers behind. The book is completely child-focused, without an adult in sight. This youngster's independence influences each aspect of his toileting; he takes himself to the pot, and he uses a step stool to reach the sink to wash his hands after. There's no indication that any accidents may occur. The boy boasts, "When it's time, I know." Brisk, rhyming phrases miss the mark. "Everyone uses the potty, / like me and Daddy and Mommy. / It's potty time, hooray! / I'm a big kid today." With a little button nose and short spiky hair, the Caucasian tot is appealing. His favorite teddy bear plays the role of a loyal companion and even sits on his own potty just like the child. A die-cut–framed, battery-operated button ("flush me!") triggers sound effects. Adults looking for a straightforward celebration of this milestone will gravitate toward this short selection, but there's no hint of the inevitable missteps young children face during the process. Though its single-minded focus on success offers positive role modeling, it needs to be used with other, more realistic titles (and lots of patience). (Board book. 2-3) Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews

A toddler announces that he's a "big kid today," because he's not wearing diapers. Along with his teddy bear (they both have their own "potties"), the boy instructs readers on what to do, from sitting down and waiting to cleaning up, and, of course, flushing. A button with the words "Flush Me!" on it creates the sound of a toilet flushing when pressed. The cheerful images and fun sound effect provide gentle encouragement for the potty training camp. Ages 2–4. (May)

[Page ]. Copyright 2012 PWxyz LLC

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