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Knock 'em dead : the ultimate job search guide, 2017

The newest edition of this classic guide to job searching now includes new information on where to find jobs, how to pinpoint which job openings offer the best chance of success and what answers to interview questions will most impress interviewers. By a New York Times best-selling author. Original. - (Baker & Taylor)

Take control of your job search—with proven strategies for success!

Includes 4+ hours of video and a free resume review!

New York Times bestseller Martin Yate has helped millions of people turn their lives around by finding great jobs and managing their career progress. Whether you're looking for a first job, re-entering the market, or planning a career change, Yate's unique Target Job Deconstruction method provides you with a roadmap to professional success utilizing the latest job-search strategies for the digital age. This new edition of his classic guide explains everything from building a keyword-rich online profile to social media networking to accepting an offer.

You'll also learn how to:

--Create resumes that get results
--Maximize your LinkedIn profile for optimum discoverability
--Get the most out of career sites like Glassdoor and Indeed
--Turn job interviews into job offers
--Negotiate the best salary and benefits package
--Manage a career and climb the ladder of promotion

Knock 'em Dead 2017 will help you navigate the changing job-search market, land your dream job, and be better prepared to navigate the twists and turns of a long career. - (F+W Publishing)

Author Biography

Martin Yate, CPC, is one of the foremost experts in the field of job search and career management. The author of Knock 'em Dead Resumes, Knock 'em Dead Cover Letters, Knock 'em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers, and numerous other books, he has helped millions of people turn their careers and their lives around. He lives in Savannah, GA.
- (F+W Publishing)

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Table of Contents

Why Knock 'em Dead? 11(2)
Part I The Well-Stocked Briefcase
Resume creation and job search tactics, interwoven with smart advice on professional growth and long-term career management
Chapter 1 The Realities of a Job Search
Get a grip on the essentials for your economic survival and success in a half-century career
Chapter 2 The Transferable Skills and Professional Values That Guarantee a Successful Job Search and Career
Learn the transferable skills and professional values that underlie every professional success story and apply them to your own life
Chapter 3 How to Build a Killer Resume
How to build a resume that is discoverable in databases and that resonates with recruiters and hiring managers
Chapter 4 Networking and the Successful Job Search
Here are the most intelligent, integrated networking strategies you will find anywhere to help you build cutting-edge social networks for today and tomorrow
Chapter 5 Professional, Alumni, and Community Networks
Professional associations, alumni societies, and community networks all play an important role in a practical and comprehensive networking strategy
Chapter 6 Network-Integrated Job Search Tactics
In today's competitive job market, you need to leverage the smartest job search strategies and tactics to find and win the best job offers. This is where you will find them, integrated into one practical approach that only a true expert could weave
Part II Get the Word Out
Job search is all about getting into conversations with the people who can hire you as quickly and as often as you can. Powerful networking techniques to quadruple your hit ratio on every job posting
Chapter 7 Making Contact
Study the best strategies for making contact with employers, from emailing resumes to making calls. Here's how to introduce yourself to employers, get past gatekeepers, and handle initial interview questions and objections to your candidacy. Effective tactics for getting useable leads from every conversation you have
Chapter 8 Ace the Telephone Interview
Telephone interviews are a common screening device. How to prepare for the scheduled telephone interview and to be ready for the unexpected call. Headhunter tactics for turning the telephone interview into a face-to-face meeting
Chapter 9 Dress for Job Interview Success
You never get a second chance to make a first impression at a job interview so unless you dress the part, don't expect an offer. Here are men's and women's guidelines for correct professional dress
Chapter 10 Body Language
Learn the seven techniques for body language success during a job interview. Learn to employ positive body language messaging that can help your entire career
Chapter 11 The Curtain Rises on the Job Interview
First impressions are the strongest. Here are twenty small preparations you can make before you walk into the interviewers office that will help calm your nerves and psych you up for a successful interview
Part III Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
Hundreds of tough job interview questions, what's behind them, and how to develop powerful, honest answers
Chapter 12 The Five Secrets of the Hire
Knowing how an interviewer thinks is a critical element of the job search that is frequently overlooked. Here are the five secrets of the hire, showing you how to get inside the hiring authority's head. Master them now and they will serve you throughout your career
Chapter 13 Why Interviewers Do the Things They Do
Learn the questioning techniques an interviewer uses to find out whether you will fit into the department and the company, whether you are a team player, and if you are going to be a management headache
Chapter 14 How to Knock 'em Dead: Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions
The greatest fear is fear of the unknown. Learn about the toughest questions an interviewer can throw at you: what's behind the question, what they are looking for in an answer, and how you can give an honest and winning answer without sounding like a snake-oil salesman
Chapter 15 Questions of Manageability and Team Spirit
Learn the right way to answer questions an interviewer asks to find out whether you will fit into the company and department, and most important, whether you are a good person to work with, and will fit into the team
Chapter 16 How to Handle Stress and Illegal Questions
Your worst nightmare can come true at a stress interview, but once you learn that these questions are just amplified versions of much simpler ones, you'll remain cool and calm. Also: a vital discussion on handling illegal interview questions, what mock meetings, role-playing, and in-basket tests are looking for, and how to handle them
Chapter 17 Answering Unanswerable Questions
For jobs that require high analytical skills there are some baffling questions---but they all have answers
Chapter 18 Welcome to the Real World
For the entry-level candidate, some special interview questions specifically tailored to discover your business potential when real-world experience is lacking
Chapter 19 Strange Venues for Job Interviews
Learn the tips that will help you master job interviews in noisy, distracting hotel lobbies, in restaurants, at poolside, and in other unusual settings. Includes an essential review of table manners you'll remember for the rest of your career
Chapter 20 How to Ace the Psychological Tests
We are all professional schizophrenics! Approaching psych tests casually can be hazardous to your professional health. How to prepare for them, what's behind the questions, and techniques for answering correctly in the heat of the moment
Chapter 21 The Graceful Exit
All the critical dos and don'ts to ensure that the lasting impression you leave is the right one
Part IV Finishing Touches
Steps you can take to keep your impression fresh in the interviewer's mind
Chapter 22 How to Fight Age Discrimination in Your Job Search
Learn to fight against silent discrimination with the hard-won street smarts that come with age, experience, and understanding
Chapter 23 The Stealth Job Search
How to conduct a confidential job search while you're still employed
Chapter 24 Out of Sight Can Mean Out of Mind
The seven steps that keep you fresh in the interviewer's mind and encourage the continuation of your candidacy
Chapter 25 Negotiating the Job Offer
The job offers finally begin to arrive, and you're never going to have this much leverage with this employer again. Learn the essentials of salary and benefits negotiations: handling good job offers and poor job offers, negotiating future salary, and how to evaluate the salary and the job offer. Fifty great questions you can ask to make sure the job offer is one you want to accept and essential information on reference checking, job offer letters, employment agreements, relocation, and stock options
Chapter 26 Snatching Victory from the Jaws of Defeat
Rejection? Impossible! Then again, you won't be right for every job. Here are some techniques that help you to create opportunity in the face of rejection
Chapter 27 Multiple Job Interviews, Multiple Job Offers
Relying on one interview at a time can only lead to anxiety, so you must create and foster an ever-growing network of interviews and consequently, job offers. Implement the Knock 'em Dead job search plan and you will be able to both generate multiple job interviews and turn them into job offers. This is not hype it really happens when you get onboard with the plan
Chapter 28 Clouds on the Horizon
You never want to be caught in a layoff, job hunting with 500 of your colleagues this is how you stay ahead of disruptions to your career and economic stability
General Index 375(6)
Index of Interview Questions 381

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